Show 101: Spotify discoveries, 2018 edition

Show date: December 26, 2018

Featuring 11 song favorites discovered on Spotify this year, including work by Max Ochs, Saint Etienne, Marah, Dead Man Winter, GospelbeacH, Jennifer Warnes, Gretchen Peters, Robert Ellis, Amy Ray, The Bevis Frond, and Lowland Hum. Program note: no actual vinyl rips on this podcast, which is a total violation of vinyl essence protocol. Whatever. Rules were made to be broken!

  1. “Ain’t Nobody High Raga,” Max Ochs
  2. “Take it All In,” Saint Etienne
  3. “Round Eye Blues,” Marah
  4. “I Remember This Place Being Bigger,” Dead Man Winter
  5. “In the Desert,” GospelbeacH
  6. “Just Breathe,” Jennifer Warnes
  7. “Arguing with Ghosts,” Gretchen Peters
  8. “Fucking Crazy,” Robert Ellis
  9. “Didn’t Know a Damn Thing,” Amy Ray
  10. “Lights are Changing,” The Bevis Frond
  11. “Salzburg Summer,” Lowland Hum

You can also check out the show in higher-quality audio at

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